Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hospitality Sector: A Value Proposition, Part Two

Value Proposition: No More “Design Build” (aka: low bidder)
Value is not defined merely as the cheapest product or service.  The need for cost conscious design and construction from limited service to luxury resort applications is a necessary, often paramount consideration for any architectural professional. Unfortunately, the design as well as construction of the aquatic elements is left in the hands of a local swimming pool contractor, often a residential pool contractor with no knowledge of local, state, and federal commercial codes governing construction.
Because a plan set often does not include an effective design for the aquatic elements as well as their mechanical filtration and sanitation systems the entire project falls to the “low bidder” who will not only fail to recognize applicable code restrictions but also will submit inferior and noncompliant equipment.  Subsequently the general contractor and architect receive these plans who will -of course- approve the swimming pool submittals.  Approval of the submittal documents is done despite being incomplete and highlighting inferior products because the architect and general contractor possess little insight or training regarding what constitutes an inferior swimming pool product, or a design riddled with liabilities. Employing a professional firm not only to design the aquatic element but also to permit the project as well as review submittals throughout the construction administration process.  This will ensure the client receives NSF Certified commercially rated equipment, an ADA compliant pathway, deck design, and lift specifications as well as mechanical filtration design compliant with ANSI/ASME regulations.
To put it more succinctly, if the pool and spa on the property is not a complete part of the design plan set it is impossible to realize the client’s expectations.  Because the plan set and specifications fail to illustrate the client’s expectations it is impossible to relay expectations to the contractors bidding the project.  An aquatic consultant who will act as the client’s advocate through the design and construction of the property ensures the realization of the client’s expectations. 

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