Wednesday, February 15, 2012

ACI Certified Nozzleman: All Commercial Pools Require One

Good morning fair readers. As we collectively emerge from our wistful slumbers, shake the sleep from our eyes and wonder aloud to no one in particular why there is glitter on the left side of our face I bring to you an unpleasant Wednesday photo detailing the importance of requiring an ACI Certified Nozzleman from your swimming pool contractor on all commercial projects. In this image we illustrate the results associated with poor craftsmanship used in a shotcrete application technique.  When not using a nozzleman that carries a certification from the American Concrete Institute there is a likelihood that air cavities will be created in the pool shell significantly weakening the structural integrity of the pool. The results can be catastrophic and prohibitively expensive in and of themselves, independent of the construction delays created through such poor craftsmanship.
In this example the pool contractor did not follow the written specification provided by Aqua Design International (or the permitted structural engineering for that matter) to employ an ACI Cert. Nozzelman when "shooting" the structure of the pool for this hotel and casino.  Because of this effort to cut corners and reduce construction costs on the part of the pool contractor the project had to be delayed to allow for enough time to tear out the entire pool, and re-shoot the shotcrete shell subsequently delaying the hotel opening for over two months.

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