Monday, July 25, 2011

Shangri La

Although not quite reaching epic proportions of a Himilayan Utopia, this project by our friends over at WATG  is a great juxtaposition of current technology and the roots of the locations heritage. Here is a snippet of what WATG says about the project (More about the Shangri-La Villigini resort and spa by WATG here):

The Shangri-La Maldives Resort & Spa captures the spirit of the site; is modern in reflecting current technology yet exhibiting continuity with the heritage of the past; and responds to the tropical climate and landscape character of the region by promoting positive indoor and outdoor experiences.

As pool architects, rarely do we have to make judgement calls between using the latest technology and staying within the “continuity (and) heritage of the past”. We are lucky enough (or unlucky enough) that the magic of our efficient and well laid out equipment rooms are not on display for the world to see, the skill of our craft comes through in maintaining the proper water chemistry for years to come, and having the right size filters for the job. Don’t get me wrong, our pools are masterpieces, but much of the real work is hidden in just the right amount of concrete to support the hundreds of tons of water in our pools.

I digress...

Despite the epic name bestowed on this resort, after seeing what WATG did with it, we could be persuaded to hold our next office retreat there. This is not a cookie cutter resort, but one that seems to fit it’s surroundings, heritage, and the challenge to create separate spaces where guests feel like they are the only ones staying there.