Monday, February 6, 2012

Hospitality Sector: A Value Proposition, Part One

Value Proposition: No More Gaps in Coordination (aka: “pool by others” on plan sets)
Our first value proposition is specific to a knowledge and coordination gap usually missing in an Architect and Landscape Architect’s scope of work.  This is specific to the aesthetic nature of aquatic design as well as the highly technical coordination and design of mechanical filtration and sanitation systems; in addition to local, state, and federal code compliance.  Execution is achieved in collaboration with the Architect, Landscape Architect, MEP Consultant, Structural Engineer, Civil Engineer, and Risk Management Professionals either procured in the private sector, or through (brand name) own internal design team.
Typically the architect does not provided adequate space for the swimming pool, spa, or water feature equipment.  Moreover, the electrical engineer fails to provide a sufficient panel design and one-line diagram and the mechanical engineer fails to include a gas line to the pool/spa heater. In some cases the basic layout of the pool does not meet even the most rudimentary local health code requirements. The exacerbation of the aforementioned concerns includes a wholesale lack of information regarding deck drainage, safety signage, ADA access, emergency exits, hand rails, ladders, etc…  Retaining an effective, knowledgeable aquatics consultant on the architectural design team will effectively ameliorate these concerns and ensure that there are never gaps in the design, permitting, and construction of a hotel, regardless of size.

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