Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Why Hospitality Development and Management Company’s hire Aqua Design – Part 2

From the start of the design process you should have a pool consultant coordinate with a number of other professional disciplines during the construction documentation phase of that project.  This should include:
1)   Coordination with the soils engineer and the aquatic consultant to design the proper pool and spa structure for the bearing pressure and conditions on that site.  This can dramatically change the structural steel and concrete specification from one job site to the next.
2)   Coordination with the electrical engineer to show the proper circuits and panel schedule for the pump motors, chemistry controllers, heater, and underwater light circuits.
3)   Coordination with the mechanical engineer to show the proper connection for the gas supply to the heaters, backwash from the equipment room, and make-up water to fill the pool.
4)   Coordination with the civil engineer to show how the deck will drain as well as the continuation of backwash lines to take the waste water off-site.
5)   Coordination with the architect for access into the pool area, enclosure requirements, and ADA access compliance.
When this is coordinated between the pool consultant and the architect the owner can expect to have their expectations met.   As good as the plan can be, given the right coordination, you should also rely on the pool consultant for construction administration. Look out for Part 3 of Why Hospitality Management Company’s hire Aqua Design tomorrow.


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  3. I agree that there would be more coordination when they hire pool consultants because it's their specialization. construction consulting companies should also have their in-house aqua designers so that they would have more package to offer to clients.

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