Thursday, December 29, 2011

Is Evidence-Based Design Merely Common Sense Design? (Originally provided by HKS, 1/4/11)

Although specific to health care design, Debajyoti Pati mentions a few design considerations endemic to all design efforts, including our own in a sub-field specific to aquatics.  Debajyoti asks, a simple question, “did common sense prevail?” This a valid, and penetrating query that all designers must ask themselves and one that is ingrained in our design philosophy specifically concerning the mechanical filtration and sanitation systems of pools, spas, and water features.  Moreover, Debajyoti sensibly points out that although many designs are seemingly “no-brainers” they are often wrought with serious and costly challenges that can have a powerfully deleterious effect on a preconceived GMP already submitted to the client.  The full blog post from Debajyoti can be found on the HKS blog at:

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