Tuesday, December 6, 2011

CO² as Swimming Pool pH Control for Resorts and Limited Service Hotels

Carbon Dioxide is a popular product used to lower pH in swimming pools in conjunction with an active disinfectant that is either calcium hypochlorite, or preferable sodium hypochlorite.  The CO² regulator can only be used with a chemistry controller that –at a minimum- measures and regulates the pH and oxidation reduction potential (ORP) of the water and opens and closes a solenoid valve regulating the release of CO² into the pressure-side of the circulation system (after the heater).

When CO² is mixed with water a mild acid –carbonic acid- is produced thus reducing pH.  It’s best to run a by-pass line off the pressure-side of the filtration system after the filter thus allowing the operator to regulate the amount of flow, while simultaneously creating an excellent contact chamber (in the by-pass line) for the carbonic acid to dilute in solution prior to being ejected into the pool.  At Aqua Design International we believe CO² is a particularly attractive pH control tool to use on resorts as well as limited service hotel applications for two reasons. First, there is no need to store muriatic acid, or sulfuric acid; all that is needed is a tank (50-400lbs) that is either exchanged or filled with CO² when needed. Second, the cost of CO² is an astonishingly economical 35 cents per pound.


  1. This is a great deal for most resorts. Carbon dioxide will surely help resort owners lower the cost of pool treatments.

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  2. I agree with the previous comment. I read from one of the articles that carbon dioxide is indeed a better alternative for pool treatments. Some pool treatments contain chemical that may cause skin irritations. thailand holidays

  3. This new discovery will surely give big savings among resorts and clubs owners. It's safe and proven effective in cleaning pools.

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  4. Indeed Jennifer, it's far more cost effective and much safer than storing hydrochloric acid. These reasons alone make it a great way to control pH.

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