Thursday, January 5, 2012

Investing in Good Design: Ritz Carlton Dubai, from Jose Sirera of Gensler

Back in May Jose Sirera of Gensler created an interesting blog post profiling there recent completion of the design of the Ritz Carlton Dubai made profoundly more significant considering the design was executed in the midst of a significant recession both here in the United States as well as the United Arab Emirates. This is a great post, not least as a result of the quality of work (illustrated below in an image from George O'Leary) but for the considerations in the design Jose so eloquently identifies.
Perhaps no other sentence epitomizes these considerations than "As in other regions, a long-term vision with an emphasis on quality will go a long way in this region, resulting in success that is both aesthetic and financial."  Throughout the piece Jose summarizes the need to synthesize a number of client considerations in the project, these include -but are by no means limited to- a long-term vision, interior and exterior spaces specific to the Ritz Carlton Brand as well as an homage to regional tastes, budgetary considerations, and finally the need for sustainable design.  All three of the aforementioned factors speak directly to the necessity of listen to the client's needs so that the aesthetic and financial needs of the client are met.  This is true not only for a prime architect like Gensler, but for sub-consultants like Aqua Design International.  Thank you to Jose and the Gensler team for this enlightening thread!

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