Monday, June 13, 2011

It is all about the water

Open any travel and lodging magazine and you will find images of incredible swimming pools and water features. Luxury and Resort brand advertising today understands the power of these images. As an avid international traveler I too am captivated by the allure of inviting and inspiring pools. My imagination transports me to the chaise lounge at the edge of this refreshing pool to the relaxation and enjoyment it represents.

Marketing a resort property is enhanced with superior images of the pools, spas, and water features. These images are the most powerful a brand can offer for no other amenity is more effective at capturing the ethos of the vacation experience than the aquatic element.  Allow your customer to envision their experience at your resort.

Aqua Design International works with many talented architects and landscape architects to bring these visions to reality. Our team understands the complexity of hydraulic design, mechanical filtration, and chemical treatment systems that complete these visions.  Our mission is to produce detailed and complete construction document packages fully coordinated with the architect’s plans.

Our goal is a finished product that sparkles and invites the guest. Our team understands the water must be perfectly clean and sanitary. Aqua Design understands all the design of the mechanical filtration and sanitation systems must be easy to maintain while providing the high quality water demanded in the hospitality sector.

Our design firm, Aqua Design International is excited to be at the forefront of resort hotel marketing efforts.  Our team offers professional consulting for resort, full, and focused service swimming pools, spas, and water features.  We understand our role to the design community is to provide the most professional aquatic consultation available worldwide.

Aqua Design is always thrilled to find examples of our work in major travel industry publications and on the websites of major global hospitality brands.  Our team is inspired when we work with talented architects.  Contact us for additional information regarding our design firm. You will find us at


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